August 13, 2008 at 11:53 AM (Current Trends)

Well, I am absolutely in love with my latest addition and have decided that these gorgeous 53mm pendants should be left alone and not butchered by adding a multitude of side beads to take away the focus.

My favourite is the swirl bead, it is swirlalicious and the colours just call to me. What a combination. The customers may have to fight me for this one as I am not sure I can bear to part with it, he he!

The copper flower pattern pendant is just lovely too.

I am, however, going to offer a choice of necklaces allowing for a range of different looks and feels, leather for more casual look, sterling silver and gold filled neckwires to add a more elegant slightly more formal look.



  1. Jenni said,

    I love the swirls and the colours. Just lovely!

  2. ickle Kids said,

    Great idea about giving the customer a choice on necklaces – these beads definitely look like they can be dressed up or down. Just beautiful!

  3. Nicole said,

    Gorgeous patterns. The swirly one looks like a lollipop and looks delicious too.

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