29 Day Giving Challenge

October 2, 2008 at 12:33 PM (Uncategorized) (, )

I have today read a post from the inspiring blog at The Modern Goddess about the 29 Day giving Challenge. I am inspired, there is nothing more satisfying than giving for no reason, just because you can. I will be joining the 29 Day Giving Challenge as I cannot think of a better way to appreciate all the wonderful gifts we receive in life. I also love the fact that giving in the challenge is not just about ‘things’ but also about giving of ourselves as much as our possessions and money, that to me makes this challenge more real, because sometimes, giving of yourself if far harder than giving your possessions.

I think this challenge is a great idea and would encourage everyone to join in, I am looking forward to starting my 29 days tomorrow and will update with my giveaways, so watch out world, here I come to bring a smile to the face of others!

I would love to be inspired by what act, possession or item you think should be given away and to who?



  1. ickle Kids said,

    What an amazing idea … I’m definitely up for it! I’ve started tonight … I turned to my hubby and gave him a big smile. His response “what?” and I said “just because …”

  2. Kathie Holmes said,

    What a great concept. I’m a big fan of Random Acts of Kindness. It can change a person day, week, month or even their year to just be given something with no strings attached. Whether it be a material object or an emotional lift is irrelevant – the art of giving is good for the soul and not just for the person receiving!

    Thanks for sharing – I’m off to the Modern Goddess to check it all out.

  3. Jenni said,

    Hi Rachel, I have tagged you.

    You can read about the rules here.

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