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Proposal Story Vote 2From now until the end of June you are invited to vote for one of our 5 chosen Romatic Proposal Stories.

The bride of the most popular story will win her wedding jewellery custom made for her special day.

And you could win a $50 voucher to spend just for voting!

The five stories are listed here below. To vote please click on the link at the bottom of the page and choose your favourite.

Happy reading and good luck!

An Italian Seranade

My partner and I went on a family trip to Italy last year. One day trip was to the romantic Venice. When we got to Venice my partner and I both got on a gondola together. It was so romantic, just my partner and me and the gondolier singing and serenading us. The next thing I knew we had reached a narrow, quiet canal with not many other gondolas around us. My partner asked the gondolier to stop near the wall of a house and at that point my partner got down on one knee, pulled a box out of his pocket, opened it and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes straight away! Then the gondolier kept singing and serenading us until we got back to the tourist center. Mind you our lovely gondolier made a trip around the canals a little longer than the other tourists!!

Ocean Dream

My boyfriend and I moved late last year with our two babies (aged 18 months and 6 months) from the wilds of Tasmania up to Airlie Beach. We bought a little cottage that was built onto an anchored pontoon, so we had a floating beach home overlooking Shute Harbour and the Whitsunday Islands. It was just at dawn on Christmas Eve, and we woke early, as always, with the sun and the wild grey doves in the island trees. I was busy preparing for Christmas while the babies were still asleep, and my boyfriend had, I thought, gone to find some oysters while the dawn tide was still low. “Look at this…” he said on his return, holding out an open oyster shell. “I found a pearl in this one.”  “Yeah right”, I grinned back, but I took the shell and looked inside. Tucked into it was a creamy-silky big pearl, attached to a silver ring. “An ocean jewel for an ocean child,” he smiled at me. “Will you wear it and marry me?” I said yes, of course!

A Hidden Surprise

My now fiance and I were packing up our house to move so all of the rooms were empty. It was our 5 year anniversary so he sent me down to the shops to get some rolls for lunch. When I arrived home he was standing on the drive with a rose, with rose petals scattered up the steps and in the house. I followed the trail which lead to our empty main bedroom. When I opened the door I found the room COMPLETELY covered with balloons. He told me my ‘anniversary’ present was in there somewhere so I began crawling through, giggling like an idiot, until I saw a small box with a white gold ring in the centre. I just stopped still and stared. He eventualy had to ask me to hand him the ring and he got on his knee and asked me to be his wife. What followed were lots of tears and a glass of champagne!

Romance from the Heavens

My partner had told me we were going to look at a house at 7:30 on Saturday morning as it was the only time they were available to show us around. Noone turned up though, so we called our friend who had organised the meeting and she was really apologetic. She said her husband was taking his helicopter out that morning as he has to take it up once a month to keep his license up to date and did I want to go? So I went in the helicopter over beautiful scenery and as we got to the estuary by new Brighton Beach the pilot pointed out some writing on the sand. The writing said, “Will you marry me Katie?” . The helicopter then landed on the beach and my partner was was there waiting on one knee…and I said yes!! Very excitedly.

A Touch of German Romance

We were in Cologne, Germany, day 4 of our European holiday. We were out one evening walking around the Rudolfplatz Christmas market with hundreds of people and fairy lights everywhere. I made some corny comment like “This is the first Christmas without my family but you’re my family now”. Next minute he kissed me, a slow powerful kiss, then said “I have something for you, do you know what it is?” From there I really can’t remember what else he said other than he pulled a box out of his jacket pocket and gave it to me, in which sat a ring that he had made before we left home. I can’t remember the words he asked me at all as I think by then I was clearly crying – but those memories are ours forever…

Please note the title of your favourite story and then

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Topaz with a Twist!

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mystic-pink-topazI have just recently purchased these fantastic twisted pink mystic topaz beads and cannot wait to get my hands on them. One of the downsides to buying online is the wait for your item to arrive.

Watch this space for the end result!

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Wedding Competition

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Proposal Story Vote

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Mini Poll – Drusy Quartz

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Drusy Quartz I recently saw this lovely piece of Drusy Quartz from a supplier I use. Its quite unusual and different to the items I usually buy but have anDrusy Quartz 2 idea that would feature this lovely sparkling stone but am unsure as to whether or not it would be a worthwhile investment so am looking for everyone opinions in our mini poll.

Would YOU wear this one of a kind feature piece in a necklace??

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Mumzone Prize

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pearl-and-amethyst-cluster-earrings-smll1In April I had a fantastic prize up for grabs at Mumzone. The prize was specially made for Mumzone readers from White South Sea Pearls and Pink Amethysts. pearl-and-amethyst-cluster-pendant-smll1

I subsequently added a freshwater pearl version of the necklace to La Femme Boutique at the request of some customers.

I am very pleased and proud to say that the winner has noted that she will be wearing her prize for her upcoming wedding.

Why not join our May competition  and have your very own wedding jewellery custom made to be the perfect accessory for your day.

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Are you Getting Married?

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Are you getting married in July or later?

Tell us the story of your proposal, how your partner proposed to you or how you proposed. We are going to collate all the stories and run a voting poll; the favourite story will win their wedding jewellery custom made for them to the value of $250.

So email your stories to us at by the end of May, the Poll will run until the end of June and the most voted for story will win.

We will create something special for you to wear on your wedding day custom made to your colour scheme and preferences.

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May Birthstone

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Emerald is the birthstone of May and the perfect item for Mother’s Day.

Emerald –means “gem of eternal spring” and were traditionally worn to promote healing and enhance love and contentment.

The history of the Emerald is absolutely fascinating; many famous characters in History cherished and prized the Emerald. The origins of the use of emerald date to almost 3000 B.C. in both ancient Egypt and India.

·         Cleopatra prized her emeralds more than any other gem.

·         The Moguls of India loved emeralds so much they inscribed them with sacred text and wore them as talismans.

·         The Incas and Aztecs of South America regarded the emerald as a holy gemstone.

·         In ancient Rome, green was the colour of Venus, the goddess of beauty and love and Emeralds were a signature used in artifacts created in the image of Venus.

One of the world’s largest Emeralds is the so-called ‘Mogul Emerald’.  It dates from 1695, weighs 217.80 carats, and is 10cm tall. One side is inscribed with prayer texts, and the other is engraved with magnificent floral ornaments. This legendary emerald was auctioned by Christie’s of emerald-clustersLondon to an unidentified buyer for 2.2m US Dollars in 2001.

La Femme Boutique has a pair of lovely tiny Columbian Emerald Earrings which are classical and elegant. Each earring is created with three Emeralds wire wrapped with 14kt gold fill and set on 14kt gold fill ear wires, a perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day and from 25th April until 3pm Thurs 7th May we will upgrade all post to express so you can get that last minute Mother’s Day Gifts and if you joint our Mailing list  before Mother’s Day we are giving you a $10 voucher to help make Mother’s Day more affordable.


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Welcome Back

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Remember Me? Probably Not! It has been a while. I have been so busy learning new skills since last year that my blog and social networking has suffered. Well now it’s time to get busy and get back into letting everyone know what I have been up to.

b56For the past months I have been very busily running La Femme Boutique, and more importantly training. I have been learning Metal Working techniques in Silver and Gold so that I can move to the next level of creating.

Very Exciting I have to say so watch this space to see what I create as I start my journey into the world of Silver and Gold Smithing.

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29 Day Giving Challenge

October 2, 2008 at 12:33 PM (Uncategorized) (, )

I have today read a post from the inspiring blog at The Modern Goddess about the 29 Day giving Challenge. I am inspired, there is nothing more satisfying than giving for no reason, just because you can. I will be joining the 29 Day Giving Challenge as I cannot think of a better way to appreciate all the wonderful gifts we receive in life. I also love the fact that giving in the challenge is not just about ‘things’ but also about giving of ourselves as much as our possessions and money, that to me makes this challenge more real, because sometimes, giving of yourself if far harder than giving your possessions.

I think this challenge is a great idea and would encourage everyone to join in, I am looking forward to starting my 29 days tomorrow and will update with my giveaways, so watch out world, here I come to bring a smile to the face of others!

I would love to be inspired by what act, possession or item you think should be given away and to who?

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Champagne Anyone?

September 21, 2008 at 2:38 AM (Uncategorized)

A little champagne with that?

Champagne Lemon Topaz that is! I recently posted about some gorgeous little beads that I purchased, a rare find as they are not a common bead. So I anxiously awaited the arrival of the beads, already knowing what I was going to do with them, have had time to come up with a design whilst I waited for them to arrive.

Well, would you know it, when they arrived I started to create and what I ended up with was very different from my initial intention, the beads had a mind of their own and so I let them have their way and created a lovely pair of ear threads.

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